Beginnings or something like it.

I’m starting happiness in a hat box with the intent that this will be a place that celebrates gender, sexuality and that age-old pursuit of finding whatever makes us happy. To put it more bluntly, it’s where this little queer and quirky pervert gets to babble on about the wonders of sex, happiness and people.


I suppose I’ve been thinking about this for years, in some form or another.  Creating something honest and positive, that is. Even if it, admittedly, may be heartbreaking at times. So what finally pushed me into it? My Mother. She is a wonderful woman and has taught me a lot. Her ability to soldier on always astounds me. However, when it comes to my views on sexuality and gender – I sure as hell didn’t find those at home. “You know it’s a leap year?” My Mum says to me over the phone. “That’s the only time when women are supposed to propose: once every four years.” She clearly said this as a hint towards my upcoming anniversary celebration with my partner.

Let’s face it, our parents have a special and very poignant way of pushing our buttons. They can also inspire us. I could have employed my usual strategies of impromptu lecturing, accusations of being profoundly sexist and begging to “please just read this / watch this/ listen to this…” I decided to do something else instead.

Which brings us to now. And this. Welcome to my little slice of the webverse! I hope you find something positive here.