Whip it out, please!

People are talking about sex more. Or at least talking about it out loud.*

Where was all of this when I was growing up!?

I never had explicit and honest conversations on sex or sexuality as a teen. Like so many people my sex education was about penis insertion into the vagina and how that somehow lead to babies. (Sadly, I didn’t even get to put a condom on a banana in school!) I fumbled my way through a self-taught approach of awkward ill-answered questions, self-esteem destroying teen magazines and shameful, shameful, masturbation. I had little help from my friends. At most I was encouraged to watch the “independent movies” channel late at night by 2am wails of: “Wake up, there’s a penis on the tele!” This was hardly quality sex ed.

IMG_5923I’m going for brutal honesty here. Many of the stories you’ll come across on my site will refer to my own life. I am not saying my experiences are the right ones, in many cases they were certainly the wrong ones. But as you’re scrolling through these pages, I sincerely hope you find what you need to think more and talk more about the bewilderment and beauty of sex.  If you have anything you would like to, respectfully, suggest as a topic for me to address, please feel free to comment below.

  • Here I am referring to Western Society; looking at the UK, America, Australia etc. I understand there is still a LOT of progress to be made throughout the world and on my own doorstep.

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