Things I love thursday

Knowing that I’ll be away from my computer tomorrow, I’ve decided to be cheeky and post my first ever “Things I love Thursday,” on a WEDNESDAY! (Madness, I know. You’re welcome everyone.)

Today (and not just today) I’m loving:

  • Spending time to just dance around the house to music.
  • Exploring Dominance and Submission in the more mundane activities. This week, I am checking in with my partner about the foods I eat. He gets a buzz from the control and I feel free from the nagging worry that junk food brings at times.
  • Exposing the most hated parts of myself and getting nothin’ but love and affection in return. We all need someone we can be comforted by.
  • Being surrounded by people who don’t giving a flying fizz whether or not I drink alcohol. It’s refreshing (enjoy the pun) and markedly different than life a few years ago.
  • Pretty cock
  • Pretty vulvas too.


What’s doing it for you today?


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