Things to sink your teeth into: Things I love Thursday

I love to indulge in my curiosities. Even if I can only find brief moments of them. So this week, I love those moments that I can really sink my teeth into, even when I have to quickly put them aside and get on with those other, duller, parts of life.

  • Science and Psychology. Whilst I certainly don’t proclaim to know a lot about science, I will forever be fascinated by those intricate, eccentric and downright befuddling parts of our brain.
  • Surprise caramel torte. Honestly, my housemate seems to sense my sugar cravings.
  • I may express gratitude for this one a lot.
  • Accepting “yes” for yes. My partner always astounds me in his ability to know when I really, truly, need something a little kinky… and something A LOT kinky.

What have you been feasting or nibbling on, this week? (Feel free to comment and share your own).


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