Lick the bowl, don’t scrape the barrel: Things I love Thursday

Last week I was wallowing. The thought of being cheerful for Thursday was washed away in the need to curl up and sleep under a wave of Netflix. But, I’m back and kicking. So let’s wallow in the good a little. Things that make my list this week:


Yesterday, I shared my partner with two of our friends. Both new-ish friends to me, but he’s known them for a little longer. I decided it would be a nice post-work surprise if he arrived home to find these two friends rolling around on our bed and waiting for him. I also made him a kick ass cup of tea.

Getting over stuff 

One of the aforementioned friends has been unnerving me for a little while, given one of her kinks. But despite the squikky-ness I feel over her particular kink (although, as they say her kink is her kink and it’s not my kink and that’s OK), we had a good ol’ chat about boundaries and the night turned out pretty OK. Even if my cooking was abysmal.

Trying to make a dessert and failing…then trying again and getting it right.

I did better on the food front tonight.

What’s been tasty for you this week?



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