Kinkilicious: There’s something out there for everyone.

If you’re reading my blog, I’m assuming you’ve heard about kinks before. If you’ve IMG_20160602_083508stumbled across this (and through life) without ever learning about kinks – this may or may not be the place for you. I say that, because I’m going to look at kinks from my own perspective and, as such, offer my own definition:

Kink – An activity that you engage with which is sexually arousing to you. Typically not considered to be part of the ‘norm’ in everyday, run o’ the mill sexuality. 

Just to be clear, I say “engage with,” because I think you can enjoy a kink in many different ways. You might be watching something that gets you turned on. Talking about it. Smelling it maybe? I might have a kink for licking elbows, for example. This doesn’t mean I have to go out and lick a lot of elbows to become aroused. It might mean that I daydream about this, draw cartoon panels of elbows being licked, ask my friends to come around and do little elbow dances for me…  whilst I masturbate in the anticipation of licking them. Yes, I went with the first odd little thing that came into my head with elbows, but I bet ya that if you can imagine it, then there’s someone out there getting off to it.

IMG_20160602_083534      IMG_20160602_083545 - Copy       2016-06-02 09.52.01

The other thing I want to clear up, is that I tend to think of kinks as referring to some kind of activity that is enjoyed by one or more people. I don’t see a kink as always being something that is *necessary* to feel sexually aroused (although this may be the case for some).  If it’s an object or *just* a specific body part, then I think the definition is closer to a fetish. But remember, I’m not clinicnally qualified to talk about these things, these are simply the definitions I feel best fit my own underestanding.

Kinky times


Over the next few weeks and maybe months, I’m goingIMG_20160602_083617 to recruit the help of my lovely partner and dear friends to explore a few different kinks and present my take on them. The list will be by no means exhaustive. Nor am I claiming to present a “how to” guide of kink. I’m just going to try a few things and report back to you all. Sound good? If you have anything you want to add, please go for it. I am happy for people to comment and give there own perspective. In fact I very much eIMG_20160602_083517ncourage it! I am even happy if you want to offer up a suggestion for something you’d like me to try out and report back on. However,   please be respectful. If someone posts “Hey, why don’t you try rope bondage?” then that’s great and I’m happy to approve that and report back enthusiastically. If your comment is a play by play erotic scene featuring every degrading sex act you can think of….wellll, then you’ve missed th
e point and I won’t approve it.


With all the preamble said and done, I’m going to offer up a tasty preview. The first kink I’m going to be reviewing will be SPLOSHING. I look forward to letting you all know how it goes.IMG_20160602_083526



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