Hello again fellow Bloggers and Bloggees!

I’ve had a combination of holidays and ‘real world’ things to deal with, which is why I haven’t posted in so long! But, I’m back at the keys now and I have loads to share with you all.

I have to admit, my enthusiasm to dabble in different kinks and report back, may be biting off a little more than I can chew. As such, we’ll have to call this part of my blog semi-regular, at least until I can find some kinky connoisseurs to interview. With that disclaimer in place, here’s my view on…


Experiences so far:

I’ve known that food and sex have paired together well in my mind for a long time. I still remember sneaking around with a high school boyfriend at 2am, trying to decide whether chocolate sauce or honey would be more fun to pour all over him. Since then I’ve add post coital chocolate and pre or during coital strawberries. And, there have been many an “accidental” spillage of whipped cream. One of my fondest memories is of a friend, pouring cream all over her breasts in a rented dungeon and declaring “Oh no!” in the not-so-innocent voice.

Still, thus far, my experiences with sex and food have all felt fairly mainstream or, vanilla. (Accept maybe having a strawberry dipped into my cunt – that felt very cheeky).


Where to go next:

Of course, my first step in exploring this further was to talk to my partner. “How would you feel about sploshing?” and “I’m thinking of exploring this with other people also…Thoughts?” were my go-to starting points. The later is yet to unfold, principally due to the interference of life and the encumbrance of scheduling. As for the former, my partner was willing to give it a go.

Getting turned on:

Next I had to think about what “did it” for me or could turn me on, by adding food to sex. Or simply by playing around with food. After looking at the kinkier version of ‘food porn,’ I came across a lot of spaghetti and meats ripped and smeared all over bodies. As it turns out, split spaghetti makes me think of a toddler trying to eat and the ripped meats made me want to go vegetarian. Not exactly turn ons!

What I needed was texture, smell and taste. Vanilla, sweet, smooth, thick, warm and cold were all appealing to me. Again, I found myself remembering where food had cropped up in my life previously. Pouring powdered milk into a warm bath and using it to wash a former girlfriend. That. That was a turn on. Sucking the whipped cream from the aforementioned friend’s chest. Again. Turn on. With this and the enthusiasm for something playful, we started with cakes. Soft, fun, sweet.

Where it went:

Playing with cake was actually a major turn on for me. It felt fun and easy. Nothing too heavy and lots of giggles. Safe words and after care plans really weren’t needed for this one. After we tried cake, we revisited this activity a few weeks later with yoghurt.

In both cases, I feel myself and my partner had loads of fun. We got very turned on and enjoyed taunting each other, smearing food on each other and of course licking, licking, licking. There was also a very 1st world feeling of taboo within this. The thought of ‘wasting’ food for our own sexual pleasures was quite tantalising. We were ruining something and not using it for it’s original purpose. It felt a little perverse. Which, can often be fun.


I think I would need to explore this one further and talk to more people, in order to get a more complete picture of why this particular kink turns people on. I would definitely do it again, but despite some arousal, this felt much more like a cheeky food fight without clothing, rather than a debauched sex act to jack off over.


If you have your own experiences with sploshing that you’d like to share, please go ahead and comment. If you’d like your opinion to be heard anonymously, shoot me a message and I will consider adding your thoughts to another queer and kinky post.





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