Review: The guilty feminist podcast

A few weeks ago I had an entire day off to myself. No work, no friends to visit, no partner available to share time with. I had dedicated the day to myself!

And it was DIFFICULT!

A few weeks passed and I’ve remembered how much I enjoy listening to podcasts. I’ve also been excited to learn more about feminism. So, naturally, I searched “feminist podcast.”

Straight away, I found Sofie Hagan and Deborah Francis White’s ‘The guilty feminist.’ Ironically, listening to these two women and their guests makes me feel much less guilty! We can’t all be perfect feminists all the time, but we can damn well try. This podcast is a good reminder of that.

About the podcast:  The two comedians leading this podcast discuss a topic every week. They relate this to feminism and their own personal experiences, evoking quite a few laughs whilst doing so. I’ve intentionally said they don’t raise inherently “feminist issues.” Rather, they look at challenges of life and society, which many people could relate to. OK, maybe not all sis gendered, white men could relate to what it’s like doing yoga with your period, or how to deal with people leering at your breasts. But, they do look at issues that don’t just effect women. For example, the two speak about nudity, what the media tries to sell to us, self esteem, food, public spaces etc. etc.

What I love most:  I’ve got to say two things here. The first is the weekly challenges that Sofie and Deborah set themselves! I won’t give any huge spoilers, but the tasks these comedians create are always meaningful and frequently presented with hilarity.

Secondly, each podcast opens with: “I’m a feminist but…” then continues with a guilty confession of very un-feminist behaviours.

What I’d improve: Nothing! Whilst this podcast is very much in it’s infancy, I’m eager for more.



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