Sploshing part 2

It’s time for an update from kinky land.

I recently went to a party and found myself a little bit tipsy and very eager to plant my lips all over a friend’s face. (Well, more than one friend, but that’s another story). Don’t worry, she was expecting it and it felt happily received.

The kissing? Fine. All’s good. Desperately missed!

Fondling. Fine. All seems well.

Sex? Not today. Fine. Everything’s still lovely.

Sploshing? Yes? Maybe? OK! Ugh…ok? Well, that’s happened now hasn’t it.

One deliciously moist chocolate birthday cake got firmly squished into her face and breasts. I did the regular check-ins one does before sexually advancing or, ya know, destroying a friend’s clothes. I tried to keep the sexiness focused on the cake – with lots of licking and nibbling, but ultimately, this just didn’t do it for me.

I think I found the joy was more in the fight of it. My favourite part was cuddling on the couch afterwards. My least favourite part was realising that I had probably destroyed her “just a work bra” underwear.

I think next time I try my hand at sploshing it won’t actually be sexual. It will be a food fight. And, hopefully, I’ll remember to have old clothes to hand.

I’m off to shop for replacement bras.



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