Bite-sized Reviews

Today the things I’m digging out of my imaginary hat box have helped me with my own sex education. Here’s a couple of my recommendations for places that celebrate sex. There’s loads out there to be consumed and my list is still growing. So, please, if you have a suggestion throw it my way in the comments section. Disclaimer alert! No one has paid me or even encouraged me (unless you count my partner throwing things at me until I write) to post these mini-reviews.

Sex Criminals (Comic)

This is one of the first really sex positive and fun pieces of fiction I came across. I think it takes a really honest look at some of the difficulties around sex and relationships. But the reason I find it so sex positive is because it looks at sex in a HILLARIOUS way, with honest and flawed characters. I am always giggling when I read this comic. The illustrations are fantastic to boot. Overall, this comic feels like a celebration of all the strangeness we encounter with sex, relationships and our own bodies. It is straight forward and well informed about mental and physical health also. OK, maybe the parts wherein the main character stops time mid orgasm or the epic dildo fights, aren’t exactly true to real life.* Still, some moments are fantastically refreshing and educational. When the female protagonist visits the doctor and experiences a myriad of side effects from her contraception, the writers even reference the Planned Parenthood website.

Making Sex Normal (website, initiative)

The way I see it, Debbie Herbenick is a fantastic educator. I am, admittedly, yet to delve into her writings, but her talks are light, useful and funny. My most favoured project of hers is ‘Making Sex Normal.’ She gives a wonderful and hilarious talk about her project and the ways in which we can all embrace that sex is a part of our lives, a part of who we are, what we do, our society….and on and on. Debbie is definitely some of my inspiration for this website and I am often thinking about how we can all make sex normal in many little day-to-day ways. Debbie manages to explain the importance of having open and honest attitudes towards sex, far better than I can explain it here. Please check out theMake Sex Normal website and Debbie’s superb TED talk.


*I mean no disrespect to anyone who enjoys consensual and informed dildo fighting. If everyone involved is happy and safe, then please enjoy all your dildo adventures.